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Alfa Virtual School offers teaching the Syrian curriculum for grades pre-K to K-12, in addition to Arabic language courses targeting expatriates and people seeking to learn Arabic language as a second language. We also offer strengthening sessions for the Syrian and other Arab countries curriculum.

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ALFA School Management System, is completely developed by AYNA corporation, a leader in software solutions.

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Teachers are hosted in a state-of-the-art environment, from location to amenities and other services.

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Along with quality of education, we offer the best rates for registration fees.

Online Learning

Using the latest e-learning tools and software, makes the student to interact with enthusiasm.

ALFA School

We, at ALFA Virtual School, made it our main goal to bring back our beloved expatriate students electonically. Syrian Curriculum, is one of the strongest yet the best curriculum in the Arab world. That made us strive to offer them to study online and give them the opportunity to be closer to their friends in their own town of origin, and have the chance to continue their higher education in the Syrian Universities. All of that with reasonable rates. ...